Keratin Treatments

“Keratin is a protein that enhances hair, making it smoother and healthier.”

Brazilian keratin treatments

This is the same as Brazilian hair straightening, Brazilian blowout, and other dominations. This technique is used to smooth and reduce hair volume. It also treats and removes frizz from the hair. In Brazil we call the technique “Progressiva” because each time it is performed, the hair gains better results.

Our experience with keratin  treatments

Our experience with keratin treatments started in Brazil in 2003 by constantly trying new Brazilian brands and testing their products to find the best results for the hair of our customers.

I still visit Brazil often to stay up to date with new innovations and trends. Since 2016 Vislene Ferreira Studio works together with Honma Tokyo giving workshops in various places in the Netherlands. Together we teach hairdressers new hair techniques that we mastered ourselves.

We also participate in various events by doing shows during The Hair X-perience in Gorinchem.

Types of keratin treatments

H-Brush Botox

H-Brush Botox is an innovation system with high regenerative power. It treats and stimulates the perfect filling of the cortex, which loses in mass in chemical processes.

H- Brush Botox is made with keratin, which strengthens and returns the natural elasticity of hair, green tea, a powerful antioxidant that repairs the damages caused to your hair during the day, Pracaxi oil and N-Acetyl Cysteine, which moisturize the hair intensely. The product causes your hair to get stronger and shiny without frizz while maintaining the natural moisture of the hair. Your hair will keep it’s elasticity and it won’t fade through through the pigments present in your hair. This is a restorative and moisturising treatment but does not straighten the hair.

The PlastHair Bixyplastia

We like to call this a medium keratin treatment because it straightens your hair while remaining it’s curls and waviness. The PlastHair Bixyplastia is perfect for customers that don’t want to lose the curls of their hair but do want to reduce the volume making it easier to manage and define the structure of your hair.

The PlastHair Bixyplastia was developed exclusively with a precious blend that brings together the main Amazon oils such as copaiba oil, passion fruit, nuts, babassu, annatto and pracaxi. Interaction with cysteine causes a perfect synergy to rebuild and recover elasticity, strength and endurance of your hair.

Coffee Premium

Coffee Premium is a balanced system with a smoothing effect that is rich in proteins and amino acids. The formula consists of a perfect combination of coffee extract with glycolic acids, cationic polymers and a mix of amino acids with a powerful effect on the epidermis and cortex. It revitalises and restructures your hair, reduces porosity and creates a flexible protective layer that gives volume and balance. The hair becomes healthier, well hydrated, soft and shiny.

Coffee Green

This is an organic keratin treatment, developed with innovative organic LCC amino acids that are non-toxic. Particles in Coffee Green contain a strong capillary action that provides more control, thicker hair and protection of the hair. The product is made with nanotechnology ingredients that reconstruct, hydrate, restore, revitalize and give an intense shine to the hair. It also has an ant-aging effect that prevents premature aging of the hair.

Advises for at home to extend the result

1. It is very important that you use a sulfate free shampoo and a specific conditioner for it. It is also fine to use a shampoo for coloured hair that is made to remain the pigments and protects the cuticle of the hair. Use these because they are more nutritious.

2. Avoid deep cleansing shampoos that open the cuticle of the hair; this may cause loss in the result of the treatment.

3. Watch out with chlorine or ozone from swimming pools and sea water; besides causing you the wash your hair more often, they can also slowly eliminate the smooth effect.